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The Long Road Ahead

Running a contested race for public office is never easy, and running a partisan race as a Libertarian is a mountain that has rarely been climbed, and never in a race of this magnitude. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have any doubts at the start of this, but I have thought it through: "Why am I doing this?" and "Do I really believe I can win? And how?" are just some of the questions I've pondered. Not to mention thoughts about balancing responsibilities as a husband, father, worker, and a Church leader.

But a thought occurred to me recently and stuck with me since then: I don't believe that people who have achieve remarkable things did so thinking about how realistic their goal was. What I am aiming for here would be historic, and there's a long road between here and there. My campaign in this race is about changing the reality and the perception of what is possible by beginning to tear down the walls protecting the two party system. I think it's worth taking the shot. I hope you agree, and I hope you'll support me in this. There's a lot to do.

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