One Thing Ends and Another Begins

As many of you are already aware, the qualification deadline for US Congress in Florida passed late last month. Unfortunately, I was unable to overcome the challenges coming from running as a third party candidate, my own decision to enter the race as late as I did, and the economic disruption triggered by the COVID19 outbreak in order to raise the money necessary to secure a spot on the ballot for this fall. For that reason, I have contacted all the donors who have supported me to offer them a pro-rata refund of their donations. My appreciation for their support cannot be overstated, especially in this challenging time.

However, these challenges have not weakened my commitment to the principles which inspired me to take this step and run for office, those being the principles of individual liberty. After much consideration, I have decided that for 2020, I will file to retain my current seat on the Board of Supervisors of the Enclave at Black Point Marina Community Development District, to continue to serve my community as an elected official, while preparing to run for Congress in 2022. With more time to prepare and more knowledge & experience of what it will take, I'm looking forward to building a campaign that all supporters of Liberty can be proud of and which can win, taking a historic step towards the change we all know is so desperately needed in Washington, DC. I'm excited to get started and I hope I will be able to look forward to having your support again.

Thank you all.

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