Now is the Time

There's a lot to be learned from the COVID-19 crisis we find ourselves in the midst of. We can see how government regulations have diminished the capacity of our healthcare system to deal with an outbreak of this nature. We can see when government literally stops private entities from working to address the problem. Worst of all though are the "solutions" we're seeing from this government under the leadership of the old parties. As if the trillions of dollars of "stimulus" being created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve wasn't already going to have a harmful enough long-term effect on the nation, Congress's battle over the coronavirus aid bill has laid bare the truth in the oft-repeated saying - "never let a good crisis go to waste".

As this bubble economy has been exposed by the current crisis, Senate Republicans chose to include bailouts for businesses at the Treasury Secretary's discretion with no oversight in a "must pass" bill intended to provide relief to average Americans. Democrats have one-upped them though, even going so far as to openly state that this crisis is an opportunity to "restructure things to fit our vision", and their proposals to include provisions such as fuel efficiency standards for airlines and tax credits for wind and solar energy, almost all of which have absolutely nothing to do with the current crisis or the need many have for relief.

As Americans see the shameless politics as usual from the two old parties, hijacking the crisis response legislation to further their own agendas, a friend of mine on a social media post suggested that voters need to remember this behavior in November. And I while I certainly agree that we should all remember it then, I felt compelled to respond immediately that it's not enough. If everyone waits until November to act on this then they won't have real alternatives on the ballot. Libertarians and other third-party candidates don't have access to the same financial resources as Republicans and Democrats, and our appearance on the ballot in November is never a given. So if you recognize the need for a change then NOW is the time to act.

It recently came to my attention that I am the only Libertarian candidate (or candidate from any third party) actively running for the US House of Representatives in the state of Florida, but even I cannot guarantee that voters in my district will have an alternative to choose in November. The deadline for me to qualify is one month away, and we have a way to go in terms of even just covering the qualifying fee, let alone putting together the resources necessary to deliver our message to voters, especially in this unique moment in our history. I know that these are difficult times with a lot of uncertainty, but it's precisely at this moment that we can see the need for change, so that we can finally begin to turn a corner away from the status quo and towards a better future. So I'm asking you to visit our donation page and give what you can so that we can get past this first hurdle, to be able to provide voters with a serious alternative to the two old parties and their indefensible record of taking advantage of the American people in times of crisis like the one we are facing.

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