Campaign Update - April 17th

First of all, Thank you to everyone of you who has contributed to or otherwise supported the campaign thus far.

As you may already be aware, next week is the qualification deadline for congressional candidates in the state of Florida. Most importantly, this means that in order to secure a place on the ballot, the qualification fee will be due. Given all the economic disruptions of the past two months, I'm not fazed by our inability to meet the goals I originally had for fundraising, but we are in a situation where the possibility of being unable to pay the filing fee is very real.

I'm going to continue to hustle as best I can in the time remaining to ensure that we are able to be on the ballot in November. I've had some positive signs, with some more smaller donations coming in, along with a pledge for a larger donation, but we've still got a significant gap to cover. If you believe in what I stand for and you are willing and able, then I ask humbly that you contribute what you can in this critical moment and reach out to others who may also be willing. I can only succeed with your help.

I'll update you all next week.

Thank you again for your support.

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