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This week was a great example of what’s wrong with the presumptive Republican and Democrat candidates for our US Senate seat. As usual, Congresswoman Val Demings reasserted her establishment bonafides by voting with the rest of the two party establishment on HR 4350, the NDAA for FY 2022. Inexplicably after our departure from Afghanistan, Rep Demings and her collaborators in the US House all agree that US Military spending should increase, and by tens of billions of dollars. Also as usual, they’ve snuck through a number of other items into this bill, which include another billion dollars to be spent buying military equipment for Israel, red flag gun confiscation laws for military personnel, and rather significantly, a measure making it mandatory for women to register for the draft.

Speaking of Red Flag Laws, the US Senate’s most consistent advocate for targeted unconstitutional gun confiscation, Senator Marco Rubio, also made sure to give us a great example of his disdain for the free market and his affection for big government, offered in the name of fighting a culture war. This week he submitted his absurdly named Mind Your Own Business Act, to solve the non-problem of companies making poor decisions in the name of political correctness. While our economic system is far from fully being a free market, the relationship between a shareholder and company is a purely voluntary one where market forces are still allowed to prevail, largely unrestrained, and that’s a great thing. If an investor doesn’t approve of the actions taken by company leadership then they can push to change direction in future shareholder meetings with sufficient support from fellow shareholders. Even without the support of anyone else, an investor can almost immediately divest from any company that engages in behavior they disapprove of. Predictably, Sen Rubio doesn’t like these market mechanisms and would prefer to have individual shareholders clog up our tax payer funded court system with arguments about the direction of a private company, to then be decided by a judge. It’s not only a bad “solution” to a non-problem, it’s another rejection of the free market, and an invitation to further politicize courts with debates that do not belong there.

One legitimately great example that should be emulated from this last week is the victory achieved by Orange County first responders against the vaccine mandate imposed by Mayor Jerry Demings. Last weekend I had the privilege of spending a couple of hours speaking with people at We Are Change Orlando’s Worldwide Freedom Rally at Lake Eola Park, where many in the community came together to demonstrate support for Orange County first responders’ resistance to the recently announced mandate. At the end of the week, Mayor Demings announced that county employees who do not comply with the mandates will not face termination. It’s not likely to be the end of this, but it is a great example of the power of mass non compliance to combat bad policy. Hopefully this example will be followed by others across this country and even beyond our borders.

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