The youngest son of two immigrant parents, Dennis Misigoy was born and raised here in Miami-Dade County, graduating from Miami Springs Senior High before earning his degree in Computer Science at Florida International University. After completing his studies, Dennis worked in the classroom as an educator, including four years as a public high school teacher. Later he began working as a software engineer, developing for industries as diverse as healthcare and specialized asset management. In his personal life, Dennis has been married for over fifteen years and is a father of three. He is also active in his church and is currently serving as President of the Elders Quorum of the Coral Reef Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


In the November 2016 general election, Dennis was elected to Seat 1 on the Board of Supervisors for the Enclave at Black Point Community Development District, a special taxing district in Miami-Dade County, in the 26th Congressional District. For the first two years of his term, he faced an uphill battle as the sole voice of community residents opposed to wasteful spending projects supported by other members of the board and consistently on the losing side of 4-1 votes on all contentious issues. But his leadership was able to mobilize enough support in the community to change the board during the midterm elections, after which he led the board in saving the community over 78% of the funds which had been allotted to the unpopular projects and moving their public meetings to a time and place reasonably accessible to working members of the community.



Why I Am Running

It can be easy to miss the most troubling signs of our time. We look around and see low unemployment and other positive economic indicators in a nation that is still much more free than most of the world, but there are big problems that we can no longer afford to ignore. We’re almost 20 years into the longest war in American history with no end in sight and no objective, along with a half dozen other armed conflicts, resulting in alarmingly high suicide rates for veterans and active duty military personnel. Central economic planning, a key component of socialism, has been fully embraced by the mainstream of both the Republican and Democratic parties. With our national debt now at over 23 trillion dollars and counting, it has even surpassed the size of our entire economy and its growth shows no signs of slowing down. And from our broken immigration system to our oversized prison population to the ever-expanding powers being usurped by government in all areas of life, we’re on a dangerous path that has a very undesirable ending. All of these problems are predictable consequences of having our public policy controlled by two parties that agree on using national interests as a justification to sacrifice individual rights, even though they still fail to ever serve any national interest.


And this is why I’ve decided to run. Because I know that there’s zero chance that Democrats or Republicans will do anything to correct these policies. They’re both addicted to big spending, big government powers, and endless wars, so I’m running as a Libertarian to break through the wall they’ve put up around the system and begin the process of change. And just like I was willing in my community four years ago, when I knew we needed changes that wouldn’t come from the people on the board then, I am willing today to step up and be the first. And just like it happened here, I know we can win. It begins with taking the first seat.

Unlike the other candidates in this race, none of whom even live in our district, I'm not here to claim this seat for team blue or team red in the partisan squabbles that have come to define our national politics in recent years. My campaign is about taking the first step in changing the face of American politics and bringing a principled advocate for individual liberty and fiscal responsibility to Washington, DC. Will you help me?


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